Dutch Girls in Windham February 22, 2018

Are you sitting at home tonight all alone? You want to change that don’t you?

You are really sick of coming home all alone. You should be able to get a girl to come back home with you. You try hard. You know that you are going to get rejected before a girl says yes. But seriously, you are getting rejected every time, all the time. Something has to give.

You are getting more and more depressed. You haven’t figured out how to find a Fuckbuddy. You don’t understand why what you are doing is not working. You tried one-liners and you tried buying her a drink. You tried hitting on her ugly friends first. It seems sometimes you have read all the books and dating guides there are. Nothing seems to help.

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There is something that you have to understand about girls. First, they are ruled by their emotions. Second, the classify men into groups almost instantly. They will put you in the only friend group or the lets get in on group. It happens quickly, too. I’m talking about in five minutes of less. So if you want to get nasty, you don’t have much time to let her know what you want.

Sure some girls on fuckbuddy sites that you go after are going to reject you. You can’t let this bother you. Even the Jedi pick up masters get rejected. You are trying to get more sex in Windham. Wouldn’t you rather know that she is not going home with you quickly? Then you can dump her quickly and move on to a girl that will go home with you.

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